I have a multilanguage and multicurrency installation: test.com and test.com/en

  1. test.com has Italian language and euro currency
  2. test.com/en has english language and dollars currency

I needed to create 2 websites instead of 2 stores because each language needs to have separate currency (200 euro by default are converted by magento but I want to be able to set 200 dollars without that magento converts nothing) so I enabled "

system -> configuration -> catalog -> catalog- > price -> Catalog price scope

to website and now each product translation has different currencies and everything is fine

The problem is that now I only have 1 store on each website so the language switcher, the currency switcher and the alternate links does not work

I was able to convert the language switcher with this but for the others I can't find anything and I don't think it's the right way

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