I want add images to payment method list on checkout like : enter image description here

I want add image before these payment methods

  • Płatność przelewem bankowym
  • Płatność przy odbiorze

Can anyone help me how I can do it?

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Its quite a lot of works. You need to go to that payment module, find


find something like this:

<label class="label" data-bind="attr: {'for': getCode()}">

right below it, put something like this:

<img data-bind="attr: {src: fpxImageSrc, alt: $t('Fpx MyClear'), height: '', width: '110' }" class="payment-icon"/>

and then you need to specify the knockoutJS data-bind function, in this case fpxImageSrc'. Go to

view/frontend/web/js/view/payment/method-renderer/<name of the payment>.js

then right below Component extend, it should look like:

        return Component.extend({
        defaults: {
            template: 'Vendor_PaymentModule/payment/form'
        placeOrderHandler: null,
        fpxImageSrc: window.populateFpx.fpxLogoImageUrl,

Add single line fpxImageSrc or whatever name you choose, inside that file, like this one at that particular spot:

        fpxImageSrc: window.populateFpx.fpxLogoImageUrl,

then you need to create one phtml templates file, in this case I name it payment_image.phtml. The file should be inside


right after that, you add something like this code:

window.populateFpx = <?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo \Zend_Json::encode($block->getFpxConfig()); ?>;

then you need to add this phtml template on layout, the layout files can be found inside the module:


there, you need to add

    <referenceContainer name="after.body.start">
        <block class="Vendor\PaymentModule\Block\PopulateFpx" name="populate.fpx" template="Vendor_PaymentModule::payment_image.phtml"/>

after that, create block file, in this case I named it PopulateFpx.php, inside the module:


and then:

use Magento\Framework\View\Asset\Repository as AssetRepository;


protected $assetRepository;

public function __construct(
    AssetRepository $assetRepository
    $this->assetRepository = $assetRepository;

public function getFpxConfig() {
    $output['fpxLogoImageUrl'] = $this->getViewFileUrl('Vendor_PaymentModule::images/fpx_logo.png');

    return $output;

public function getViewFileUrl($fileId, array $params = [])
    $params = array_merge(['_secure' => $this->request->isSecure()], $params);
    return $this->assetRepository->getUrlWithParams($fileId, $params);

and then put the image file, in this case I named it fpx_logo.png, inside:


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