There is an issue which I am not sure if it's a bug and I hope someone can tell me, the bellow screen shoot were taken from an order:

enter image description here

As you can see the product in red circled didn't apply the discount, however it was deducted from Subtotal (by the way shipping isn't included)


84.96 - 10% = 76.464

74.96 + 19.99 = 96.454 ( which is correct) round Floor() php I assume.

Now Total Paid was Charged £103.45 * Which is WRONG* From Customer account also was taken £103.45 which isn't good.

And the reason is I think is because it this one product was not added 10% on which 69.99 should have been 6.99 Discount Amount but instead is 0.00

Any one any help appreciate

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