In Order Summary block(Checkout Page), totals block is missing. In the Cart Page, totals block is displayed. enter image description here

I have to override checkout_cart_index.xml in my theme for Cart Page. The code in checkout_cart_index.xml is:

My console has Js errors. I have jquery.min.js version 1.12.4(Default one) in my theme.enter image description here 1. Are these JS errors responsible for my issue?

  1. Why do I get totals block in Cart Page but not in Checkout Page?

Can you please guide me to bring back my Totals block. Thanks in advance.


Total is display on Payment page not on shipping. There are two changes required to display summary in shipping step. Override both files in your current theme.

1. change /Magento_Checkout/js/view/summary/abstract-total.js file

    function (Component, quote, priceUtils, totals, stepNavigator) {
        "use strict";
        return Component.extend({
            getFormattedPrice: function (price) {
                return priceUtils.formatPrice(price, quote.getPriceFormat());
            getTotals: function() {
                return totals.totals();
            isFullMode: function() {
                if (!this.getTotals()) {
                    return false;
                //return stepNavigator.isProcessed('shipping'); // comment this line to enable right side bar in checkout shipping step.  
                return true; //add this line to display forcefully summary in shipping step.

Now order summary will be displayed in shipping step.

  1. change /Magento_Checkout/js/view/summary/shipping.js file This change is for to update shipping charge in the selection of shipping methods.

Change getValue() function.

 getValue: function () {
            var price;

            if (!this.isCalculated()) {
                return this.notCalculatedMessage;
            //var price =  this.totals().shipping_amount; //comment this line

           var shippingMethod = quote.shippingMethod(); //add these both line
              var price =  shippingMethod.amount; // update data on change of the shipping method

            return this.getFormattedPrice(price);

Hope this answer will help you.

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  • After this is added the total price won't update, do you have an idea how to get that to work? – Sanne Feb 11 at 9:36

I think it's normal. Total should be displayed on checkout second step (Review & Payments). Did you check it?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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  • @janZaba.Ya.In second Page of Checkout,I get my totals block. But,I need Totals block to display in (First Page)Checkout.How can I achieve that? – Vishali Mariappan Sep 26 '18 at 3:58

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