So it is already possible to select custom attributes for the default sort order in categories.

But this sorts by default ascending. If we have - like in our case - a popularity rating which is a high number for popular products and a low one for non-popular products, we need the option to automatically sort descending by this attribute.


Is there an elegant solution to solve this?

I am thinking about the following options:

  1. Extend that drop down to also have a "descending" option for each listed attribute:

    • Popularity (ascending value)
    • Popularity (descending value)
    • Price (ascending value)
    • Price (descending value)
    • Name (ascending value)
    • Name (descending value)
    • ...
  2. Edit the attribute configuration screen and allow to specify the default sort order if "Used for Sorting in Product Listing" is chosen.

I am also happy for (small, simple, clean, Open Source) module suggestions.

Otherwise we might make an own open source module, if no such thing is existing yet and we find a clean solution.


What we tried so far is this approach, but it would set the defaults order to descending for all attributes. Also it does not feel right to have the sort attribute configurable on the admin-backend but needing custom XML to configure the sort order.

  • Please show some signs that you have tried and failed at some idea/coding instead of sending requirements here. – Marjan Sep 24 '18 at 11:21

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