Has anyone checked wheter it is possible to add order programatically without creation of quote?


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to create an order, you need some items in your cart? A cart is a quote in Magento world.

Of course, you may want to directly feed the sales_order, sales_order_item tables with a custom feature. But you will lose a lot of feature by doing this?

  • for instance, most cart abandonment features will not work with this feature

  • not to mention it is likely your script will need to be fully bespoke and very much not compatible with future upgrade?

Having said this, I am very interested to hear more about your intentions and ideas where this would go as I imagine you may have thought through these pitfalls already. good luck

  • It is order migration form legacy system. I don't need cart data, performance is a key - so omitting cart operations would improve speed significantly. I was wondering if someone has done it before and if it has some consequnces I should take into account. Sep 22, 2018 at 16:15
  • In this case create the orders using Magento and then clear the quotes. There is a setup for old quotes to be removed automatically Sep 23, 2018 at 18:53

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