I'm trying to load/set/restore an old quote from a customer when they log in, but the thing is not that simple, because it turns out that I'm using Cminds Multi User Account Extension, and the project required to create a user/account switcher when logging in as a Parent account and I've already got this covered, the issue that I have now is that all customers are sharing the same cart, and it happens when switching between accounts. I've fiddled with some checkoutSession methods such as clearQuote(), loadCustomerQuote() and even trying to obtain from the quoteCollection, the last quote that the user had and using the replaceQuote($customerQuote) method to replace it, but so far I've had no luck, the cart is still being the same for each customer (parent and childs) when I switch between them. Am I doing the wrong approach? is there an event that I can listen to with an observer? or is there a method that I can intervene using a plugin? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In the case that anyone in the future might have this same problem or something related, I figured it out, it was actually a pretty simple thing I had to call the $this->checkoutSession->clearStorage() and $this->checkoutSession->clearQuote()before setting the customer as logged in, and after setting the customer as logged in I'll set the quote of the current logged-in customer with: $this->checkoutSession->loadCustomerQuote(), this solved the first part, after this I was facing another problem, if I switched between users without adding products, the minicart info wouldn't change/update. To solve this other problem I added in the JS where I handled the customer info, and added:

require(['Magento_Customer/js/customer-data'], function(customerData ){
   var sections = ['cart'];

And after this the mini-cart updates. I hope this also helps someone else that's having the same problem I had.

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