I have image tag in phtml file ..

And also i got the value of images and media url from ajax call .

How to bind it like that in ko template

<img alt="<?php echo $sizeGuideImage->getAlt() ?>" class="img-responsive" data-src-base="<?php echo $this->getMediaUrl() ?>" data-src="<479:<?php echo 'sizeguide/small/' . $sizeGuideImage->getSmallImage() ?>, <767:<?php echo 'sizeguide/medium/' . $sizeGuideImage->getMediumImage() ?>, <1399:<?php echo 'sizeguide/large/' . $sizeGuideImage->getLargeImage() ?>, >1400:<?php echo 'sizeguide/extralarge/' . $sizeGuideImage->getExtraLargeImage() ?>" />

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You need to call the function into js from the template.


Addition: This can be written in a cleaner way:


Source How to specify skin image path in Knockout HTML template?

  • But i need to frame img tag like data-src="<479:sizeguide/small/bra_size_calculator_365-x-228-30kb_1.jpg, <767:sizeguide/medium/bra_size_calculato_507-x-317-40-kb_1.jpg"
    – Mahi M
    Commented Sep 21, 2018 at 13:23

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