I want to hide the tax from the checkout. enter image description here For some reason I cannot do that from Admin > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Shopping Cart Display Settings. I found the phtml file that displays the tax, and this is how is dispayed:<?php echo $this->renderTotals(null, $_colspan); ?>

and this is the renderTotals() function:/** * Render totals html for specific totals area (footer, body) * * @param null|string $area * @param int $colspan * @return string */ public function renderTotals($area = null, $colspan = 1) { $html = ''; foreach($this->getTotals() as $total) { if ($total->getArea() != $area && $area != -1) { continue; } $html .= $this->renderTotal($total, $area, $colspan); } return $html; }

My question is how to override this function, so it ingores the tax?

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You can remove the line

echo $this->renderTotals('taxes', $this->getColspan()); 

on phtml app/design/frontend/base/default/template/tax/checkout/grandtotal.phtml

but first copy this file to your custom template to avoid erasing core template

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