I'm trying to reduce the number of request, so I take a look only and these are the solution to move the media folder:

  • Use a file server
  • Use a CDN I have no clue on how to achive the first method and I doubt I can even use it on a shared server, so I have unseccessfuly adopted the second one. I don't understand how CDN works, but I have tried to set up one to store the media folder
    Server structure:

    mysite.com public_html shop -> magento folder media

What I have done:

  • Created a subdomain called: media.mysite.com with root in public_html/shop/media
  • CNAMED it to mysite.com
  • Activated Cloudflare,result:

    CNAME   media.farmaciacaloini.com   points to media.farmaciacaloini.com.cdn.cloudflare.net  
  • Magento->Admin->System->Web->Non Secure

    Base Media 

Unfortunately I can't see any image ony frontpage


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Here is a module that allows you to use cloud flare with magento:

it's called: Control for CloudFlare


Here is a module for CDN, its called: OnePica ImageCDN



It was a problem of my hosting service: Hostgator, the integrated panel function doesn't work, you have to follow the manual instruction on cloudflare and disable the function of cpanel

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