The company I work at has been using Shopify for about 3 years. Due to expanding business requirements, we want to migrate to Magento 2. With Shopify, the site is running with workarounds so it has stability issues.

I found several tools that provide data migration services - LitExtension, Cart2Cart, etc. Since they cost money, I'm thinking if it's more practical to have certain entities (e.g. customers, orders) migrated with the tool and others (e.g. products) done manually.

Question: Is there any known issue whereby the automated and manually migrated data fail to link to each other?

My assumption is that regardless of migration method of each entity, when in Magento, I'm able to see Customer A (auto migrate) purchased Product B (manual import). Is that assumption true?

Same goes if all products/customers/orders are manually migrated; is it correct that the data link will be retained? I would like to clarify on this for analysis and reporting purposes.

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