After Importing products using cart2cart, the product images will show everywhere EXCEPT on the product detail page

Grid view on "new items template"

Grid and List view on "product category page"

Within the admin, during search

during checkout in the mini cart and full cart

Where it DOES NOT show is on the product detail page. Unless I add a second image. Once a second image is added, it will display both in a gallery

The theme is a basic template based on "magento blank" with very few modifications (mainly css and a few xml settings to move or add blocks), there is no theme override on the product view page

I have tried

php bin/magento catalog:images:resize

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Found my answer here

copy fotorama.js out of the default, into your theme





find the following function setOptions() {} and set if (size > 1) to if (size >= 1)

if (size >= 1) { // change this line
    o_nav = opts.nav;
    o_navTop = opts.navposition === 'top';

} else {
    o_nav = false;

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