I have a drop down Make Model Year parts finder on my store's front end that uses a three-level category tree with 3,000 subcategories. The same tree is used across five stores with subcategories enabled or disabled depending on the business need.

In Magento 1.7 it was quick and easy to update any level of category. Just set indexing to Manual Update then reindex after updating.

The root parts finder category should be set

Default > Disabled
Stores 1 - 5 > Enabled

When migrating to 2.2.5, some category settings were lost. All stores now have the root parts finder catalog Enabled setting with Use Default box checked. I can change the Default Store setting from Enabled to Disabled but cannot stop the other stores from using the default setting. When I uncheck Use Default in any store, then save, the Please Wait for wheel spins for 10 mins before returning a 503 error, and the update is not saved.

My hosting admin has already increased the Apache timeout significantly.

So what I need is a MySQL workaround to uncheck Use Default (Enable) in stores 1-5. I can then change the Default Store from Enabled to Disabled without affecting stores 1-5.

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Just after posting this, Magento announced 2.2.6. Upgraded and problem solved.

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