Is it possible to run the Magento admin from a subdomain? I.E. https://d1.com - live site admin; https://backend.d1.com/admin

I've attempted alias/park domain and a view other things (of course setting the custom url in Config > Admin ) but it usually just gets stuck in a redirect loop going to https://backend.d1.com/admin

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Yes! There is a possiblility to run from a subdomain.

Along with Aman's answer, you need to mask and forward the subdomain (https://backend.d1.com) to main domain (https://d1.com) in your domain settings.

For reference, see this

  • Welcome Bhargava!! Instead of posting links that may someday be broken, post the answer contained in the link instead. You can give credit to the site. Thank you for answering! – seanbreeden Sep 27 '18 at 18:20

I think it is possible you can set the custom admin URL from Magento backend/admin

Store -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Admin -> Admin Base URL -> Use Custom Admin URL (Yes) -> Custom Admin URL

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  • Yeah I've attempted that, I setup an alias/parked backend.domain.com and pointed the admin url there, but it has redirect issues. There may also be CORS isssues. – ChaosTheoryV2X Sep 19 '18 at 0:01

Is this of any help? https://gist.github.com/tegansnyder/65ba3396ec7cbf70bec9

I think it's for Magento 1 but principle should be the same?

  • Yeah I did attempt that. I gave up anyways though honestly. I think there may have been CORS issues but surprisingly couldn't find anyone else attempting it. The reason I was attempting it I found an alternate solution to. – ChaosTheoryV2X Sep 28 '18 at 19:08

The solution for Magento 2 is pretty simple:

Just configure as the main domain name (default value): backend.domain.com. So the admin will be available at backend.domain.com/admin.

Change scope to the storeview, and enter www.domain.com as the store domain name. So the store will be available at www.domain.com.

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