I want to show a customer attribute on registration form and provide to edit that one on user profile, but only for my Brasilian customers? enter image description here


You need to create customer attribute for this you can do follow:

  1. Go to admin and open Customers->Attributes->Manage Attribute.
  2. Select Store on which you want to enable that attribute ex: Brasilian Store
  3. Fill out all the necessary filed according to your need then save it.
  4. Run indexing and flush cache.
  5. For showing your customer attribute on registration page go to its Phtml file and call that attribute by its Code which you gave to your attribute while creating it. Like:

    escapeHtml($this->getCustomer()->getProvince()) ?>

let me know if its work

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  1. You create a customer attribute

  2. app/design/frontend/{template}/{name}/template/customer/form/register.phtml

    You add a condition around your field:

    <?php $storeCode = Mage::app()->getStore()->getCode(); ?>
    <?php if ($storeCode == 'br') : ?>
        //your Brasilian input here
    <?php endif; ?>
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