I am running Magento 2. The other day I tried for the first time to set a special price, but when I try to set a date I get an error. After trying some dates I noticed a pattern. When I pick a date like 15/01/2018 (15. Jan) I get the error, but when I choose a date that works in both MM:DD:YYYY and DD:MM:YYYY, there is no problem. My store is in Denmark, and my location and language is as well, but somehow it seems like it only accepts dates in the MM:DD:YYYY-format, even though I can only pick dates from the DD:MM:YYYY-format. So only the dates that fit in both will work... Is it a wrong setting, or do I have to change some code? Thank You

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Have you set your locale to any other than en_US? Try editing the admin user you are using, set the locale for that user to en_US and try setting this again.

There is a bug with the datepicker I believe, which causes this problem.

  • Thank You! after editing the user settings everything is kind of working Commented Sep 16, 2018 at 14:17

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