I try to help a user on magento.stackexchange. So I created his extension and created a new CMS site with the following content:

{{block type="atwix/cmsattr" template="atwix/cmsattr/list.phtml"}}

I also allowed the block in the backend at (System -> Permissions -> Blocks).

But if I call the site, then there is no output from the block.


<?xml version="1.0"?>


class Atwix_Cmsattr_Block_List extends Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_Abstract
    protected $_itemCollection = null;

    public function getItems()
        $color = $this->getColor();
        if (!$color)
            return false;
        if (is_null($this->itemCollection)) {
            $this->_itemCollection = Mage::getModel('atwix_cmsattr/products')->getItemsCollection($color);

        return $this->_itemCollection;


I replaced his template content with "hello world"

What is going on?

  1. Verify the module is enabled in app/etc/modules and in System/Configuration/Advanced
  2. You did the permissions change
  3. {{block type="atwix_cmsattr/list" template="atwix/cmsattr/list.phtml"}}

That should do the trick.

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I solved it. I had to use

{{block type="atwix_cmsattr/list" template="atwix/cmsattr/list.phtml"}}
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