How to get Customer collection filter by Full name or by keyword like admin grid of magento 2?

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First, you have to call the Customer Collection factory and after that add addNameToSelect() function to that collection.

namespace {nameSpace};

class CustomCollection
    protected  $collectionFactory;
    public function __construct(
        \Magento\Customer\Model\ResourceModel\Customer\CollectionFactory $collectionFactory
        $this->collectionFactory = $collectionFactory;

    public function getCustomCollectionWithFullName()
        $customerName = 'John';
        $customerCollection = $this->collectionFactory->create();
        $customerCollection->addAttributeToSelect('*'); // use * for all field
        // for == condition
        $customerCollection->getSelect() ->where(
            'name = ?',
        // where like %V%

       // $customerCollection->where('name LIKE ?', '%' . $customerName . '%');



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