I have page in which in responsive on any browser at 768 width everything in the footer looks fine. If you go to 767 the footer goes up the the header and everything is terrible. How can I make that stop?


You have a wrong css float for columns class in your custom.css line 676. customcss:676


The question is too specific and unreproducable , but still I think following code at the end of footer is causing problem.

window.screenM = '768';
window.widthThreshold = '767';
requirejs(['jquery', 'navigationJs' ],
    function   ($, navigationJs) {
        $(document).ready(function() {
            $(window).on('load resize', function(e) {

please check in your lib directory there is a two type of device Desktop or Mobile you have to create a responsive for mobile device

Go through:


for more you can review this link


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