We are doing some comparisons with our different options using M1.9 UPS shipping. We noticed that the rate for the default UPS setting for UPS Type (United Parcel Service) is returning values that are NOT our negotiated rates (obviously) but NOT either their Retail rates or Published rates either. Does anybody know what rate table this is referencing? We are using Pickup Method (Regular Daily Pickup) but even when changing that we still are not seeing a match for anything from our portal.

We will be switching to XML but I really want to know what this rogue table might be while we develop our strategy.


Thanks in advanced for helping out a newbie.

Cheers, Paul

  • I did run in debug and check the log files and everything looks legit there. – Paully A Sep 13 at 21:42
  • Unfortunately, I have not been able to get any clarification from UPS. Is there any hope by calling magentos 800#? 1 877 574 5093? – Paully A Sep 17 at 18:40

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