I have product gallery image /d/i/digitalnumber_0209_text.jpg

Using this image i want http://www.stm2local.com/pub/media/catalog/product\cache\5774940f9400924b0454113a9911cfd5/d/i/digitalnumber_0209_text.jpg

Have any idea about misc params?


You might be want to know about cache\5774940f9400924b0454113a9911cfd5 of


Magento create cache copied of image /d/i/digitalnumber_0209_text.jpg image from the location




when resizing or other purposes. As a store owner, you don't lose the main during resize or other operation. So you have to create cache image.

IN cache path, pub/media/catalog/product/cache statically define and where 5774940f9400924b0454113a9911cfd5 is dynamically define by form Magento\Catalog\Model\View\Asset\Image

 private function getMiscPath()
        return $this->encryptor->hash(implode('_', $this->miscParams), Encryptor::HASH_VERSION_MD5);

Add good description about Magento 1 cache, available at Get original image file from a cache URL

If you will look on getAbsolutePath and getRelativePath method of Magento\Catalog\Model\View\Asset\Image

and Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Image then you understand how magento create cache copy of original image.

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