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Someone hacked our Magento, deleted all user accounts and created one for themselves with a user ID = shopmanager1. I connected via cPanel's phpmyAdmin, deleted their user account, created a new user account, assigned it Admin priviliges. It now let's me login into Admin but most menus are missing (we only have Catalog, CMS and a little bit of SYSTEM - mostly extensions I installed). How can I get all the other menus back? How did this happen in the first place?


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-If you have git on the site , add git status to see for any change on the files. -Download your magento version from https://magento.com/tech--resources/download as it was new and run a diff compare with your site to see for any file missing/update. -When you run backups (sql) dont let them on root folder , because they are accessible from hackers. -As Vivek said install the require patches.

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