This is a follow up on the Magento 2 Extension naming convention question here.

I've learned thus far that you need

  • a Vendor Name
  • an Extension (or Module) name
  • a combination of both like Vendor_ExtensionName (to be used in a ~/etc/module.xml file).

Now something like ExtensionName (Capitals of both terms making it more readable) does not play all too nice in a git repository (which many may be using for development) so my question is:

Is it ok to use hyphens to separate words in the Extension name like Vendor_My-Extension (which makes a vendor_my-extension git repository) or does that run contrary to best coding practices?

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It's allowed by default, only "_" is not allowed inside extensions or modules name because Magento 1.9 replace "_" to "/" when build path to files while looking files.

Using hyphens bad practice in Magento development, you should use CamelCase instead. This is a code standard for that framework.

  • thnks @SergeYudin for clarifying
    – vrms
    Sep 11, 2018 at 7:40

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