So I exported all my products by using the magento exporter under

System -> Import-Export -> Dataflow Profile -> Export all products

and then on the other magento installation:

System -> Import-Export -> Dataflow Profile -> Import all products

But the products where not imported, even though the import claims to be successfull. There were a few errors though, like missing pictures or sku on some products.

Is the product exporter not working in general or was it my fault?


Well, the process is not so straightforward. To transfer products from one Magento to another simply export/import is not enough. After export and before you import products to new Magento installation you have to:

  • make sure that product categories of your Magento 1.9 source are the same as in your target Magento, if not you need to manually re-create the same category tree
  • also if you have some custom attributes/attribute sets created in source Magento, you need to create attributes and assign them to sets with exactly the same names and values in target Magento
  • before import you need to copy product images from old Magento to media/import folder of target Magento
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  • I think it is best to just import the whole database. – Black Sep 11 '18 at 8:08

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