How can i execute something like full join in magento 2 then set query data in my collection. Below i try to do somethig.

$joinLeftCustomerSql = $connection
        ->from("$webSubscriberTable AS web_subscriber", ['token'])
        ->joinLeft(['customer' => $customerTable], 'web_subscriber.customer_id=customer.entity_id', 'email');

    $joinRightCustomerSql = $connection
        ->from("$webSubscriberTable AS web_subscriber", ['token'])
        ->joinRight(['customer' => $customerTable], 'web_subscriber.customer_id=customer.entity_id', 'email');

    $collection->getSelect()->reset()->union([$joinLeftCustomerSql, $joinRightCustomerSql]);

It is proper query but latter i have next problem No table has been specified for the FROM clause. After research i found out that magento can't do query COUNT(*) with my query and i need to build something like this:

SELECT * FROM (myquery) AS test

myquery - $collection->getSelect()->reset()->union([$joinLeftCustomerSql, $joinRightCustomerSql]);

and i try execute this query

$fullSqlToUnion = $connection->select()->union([$joinLeftCustomerSql, $joinRightCustomerSql]);


But it don't work because magento make quote around my query in FROM.


$collection->getSelect()->reset()->from($fullSqlToUnion, '*');

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