please visit the link : http://steel.newtrendzonline.com/index.php/universal-beams-338/universal-beams.html

Below Product images, you can see "up arrow" and "4 images" and "lower arrow" button. I want to delete "up arrow"

and "lower arrow" button and "4 images".

This is my product view page code view.phtml = http://pastebin.com/KnFipAK3

please give me solution.

Thanks in Advance.


The images con't come from view.phtml. They are rendered by view/media.phtml.

If you want to remove only the arrows just don't start the carousel.
There is this in media.phtml. Remove it.

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
        vertical: true,
        scroll: 1

I you want to remove all images just remove the element ul with the id mycarousel3

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It's very Simple. You are in wrong File

Step 1 : Open media Folder in catalog/product/view/media.phtml.

Step 2 : Find the "more-views" Div.

Step 3 : Comment the More-views div.

Step 4: Refresh the cache and run frontend.

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