I'm running Magento 1.8.1 and after upgrading my server to PHP 7 (And applying a heap of compatibility fixes) I'm still having issues with my product images appearing very grainy. It doesn't seem to be a common PHP 7 compatibility issue that is discussed.

As well as upgrading to PHP 7 (In preparation for M2) I also requested the following PHP extensions to be installed;

  • PHP Extension intl.
  • PHP Extension bcmath.

Maybe these could have effected things?

  • I have checked the uploaded image files and they are fine so the Magento image helper could be to blame.
  • I have tried improving the image by overriding the image quality to 100 on the setQuality() Mage_Catalog_Helper_Image - It didn't improve at all!
  • I have ensured the image cache is cleared.

enter image description here

Any ideas guys?

UPDATE: I just found by disabling the watermark, I am getting a perfect image!

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