How can i display an attribute under the title in magento 2.2.5 enter image description here

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Add the snippet of code below to the following file in your custom theme:


<referenceContainer name="columns.top">
      <block class="Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\View\Description" name="product.info.customattribute" template="Magento_Catalog::product/view/attribute.phtml" after="product.main.title">
                  <argument name="at_call" xsi:type="string">{at call goes here e.g. getCustomAtribute}</argument>
                  <argument name="at_code" xsi:type="string">{attribute code goes here}</argument>
                  <argument name="at_label" xsi:type="string">default</argument>
                  <argument name="add_attribute" xsi:type="string">itemprop="{attribute code goes here}"</argument>

Then flush your caches and the attribute should appear.

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