I have set some session values and that I am using after sending an email. Up to version 2.2.4, it was working fine, but as I upgrade Magento to 2.2.5 then I am not getting session values after sending an email.

I tried to debug the issue. In my email's footer, I applied a cms static block using code-

{{block class="Magento\\Cms\\Block\\Block" area='frontend' block_id="email_footer"}}

For testing - In the static block, I write only "Hello".

If I am calling static block using above code then my custom session going to unset. If I am removing this line of code then all working fine, and I am getting all custom session values.

Didn't understand what the issue, because all was working fine up to 2.2.4.

Please let me know if there is fix or have any other method to call static block in email template HTML file.

Thanks Atul

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