I am using Magento 1.9.

I will get a url from the request. I have to find product/category id from the url.

I have tried these :-

  1. Magento - Load product by url
  2. Magento 1 get product or category id by url string

But I am getting empty result.


    [store_id] => 1
    [url_rewrite_id] => 

I have tried it like this :-

$url = '/product-name1728202.html'/'category-name';

(The first one is a product url and the second one is a category url and I will get any one of them).

$oRewrite = Mage::getModel('core/url_rewrite')

I am getting the result I mentioned above regardless I have either product or category url. What do I do. I am not finding any other solution for this. Please help.

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