I am overriding getLoadedProductCollection() in my block where performing some custom query

     public function getLoadedProductCollection()
            $myCategory = $this->_coreRegistry->registry('category_details');

            if ($myCategory['category_id'] === '96') {

     $collection = $this->collectionFactory; // dont forget to inject the product factory in your constructor
                        $collection = $collection->create()->getCollection();
                        $collection = $collection->addFieldToFilter(
                            ['in' => $array]
                        $collection = $collection->addAttributeToSelect($this->catalogConfig->getProductAttributes())
                        return $collection;
else {
             return parent::getLoadedProductCollection();

But the problem is when my category id is 96 its run the upper query and show but in with in second it fired

return parent::getLoadedProductCollection();

and then return null

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