I have catalog_product_save_after observer where I want detect when product became available for sale (Magento 2.2). I'm trying to compare some attributes using this code

$old = $product->getOrigData('status');
$new = $product->getData('status');

Which attribute should I use? I was trying

  • is_in_stock -> this is always empty
  • quantity_and_stock_status -> old value is an array new is integer always with value 1
  • status seems to work, but only after second product save. When I click save product once, new status value is always equal old value. When I click save second time (without changing anything) then status has new value.

How can I check this, maybe this is something connected with stockitem?

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I've found the solution. There is event cataloginventory_stock_item_save_after which should be used to check stock change.

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