I have a client with the following specific requirement and need to find out how it could be done in Magento 2.

Website comprising the following under a single URL (e.g. myclothingstore.com):

  • Clothing store
  • Approximately 30 custom clothing stores - customised for specific customers

Each custom clothing store will include a storefront and a subset of the products available in the main clothing store.

Custom clothing stores will be sections under the main store URL (e.g. myclothingstore.com/custom-clothing-customer)

Product images in the custom clothing stores will be different for each custom clothing store, showing the generic product with the customer's own branding.

e.g. The main clothing store (myclothingstore.com) includes:

  • SKU TS01W: White T-shirt (generic image)
  • SKU SB02BL: Blue snap-back hat (generic image)

The 'Groovetown Festival' store (myclothingstore.com/groovetown) includes:

  • SKU TS01W: White T-shirt (custom image with 'Groovetown' logo)
  • SKU SB02BL: Blue snap-back hat (custom image with 'Groovetown' logo)

Any advice and help would be appreciated.

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