I have cloths website, with multi store view for french, germany etc. For a configurable product with attributes like say color, size say:

Size: M, L, XL Color: red, green, yellow, black

I have created that configurable product and it works absolutely fine. Now the requirement is say for france, the shirt is available in color green and black with size L only. So when a visitor selects france, it will only show these options only to select and not other options, and same for other store. Is there is any way or any other module/extension to manage it?

  • You can use the scope view for attributes but I don't think that works very well for your case. For example if you disable size XL for a store view it will be disabled for all products in that store view. – Korbin Aug 31 '18 at 10:26
  • Yup, already did that but not the flung which i'm looking for – John Aug 31 '18 at 10:27
  • However one workaround that comes to my mind is that you set a default value for your custom attributes and then set that for the products that you want them not to have that attribute. Then hide that attribute in a phtml file. Check this community.magento.com/t5/Magento-2-x-Technical-Issues/… it is for normal attributes but I guess you can get an idea for custom attributes also. – Korbin Aug 31 '18 at 10:33
  • Thanks, its not good for me, since the need is that client can manage the attributes which they wants to show on which store, also its not a good practice to hide and also the attributes are not fixed because they have other kind of config products as well, which they needs to manage per store view. – John Aug 31 '18 at 10:36
  • Maybe you could look for an extension that allows you to manage stock on a per-store-view level. You could then take products that are not available in a specific store view offline by simply setting it to "out of stock" – simonthesorcerer Aug 31 '18 at 12:54

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