I must admit that I am having trouble understanding the category tree/node thing in magento. I have extended the Topmenu class to build my own supermenu. It works fine except the category children are always sorted by their id instead of the defined sort order.

So I tried to dig into this but I simply cannot wrap my head around how magento actually pulls and organizes the categories from the database. It all boils down to this function:

public function getMenu()
    if (!$this->_menu) {
        $this->_menu = $this->nodeFactory->create(
                'data' => [],
                'idField' => 'root',
                'tree' => $this->treeFactory->create()
    return $this->_menu;

Somehow magento magically comes up with the categories here. Nowhere I see the typical collection which I could understand.

So my question is: can someone please explain to me how this tree/node thing works and how magento pulls the categories from the database? And in addition to that: how can I manipulate it to my needs? As mentioned I need to get the children sorted by sort order instead of their ids.

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Have a look into the vendor/magento/module-catalog/Plugin/Block/Topmenu.php.

The method beforeGetHtml() adds the category data to the topmenu.

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