I have been monitoring this problem for a few days and I believe that this increase in cpu and disk usage that occurs every 1 minute is related to PHP7 running the magento crontab.

Is this consumption normal or should I worry?

I looked for something strange in the logs in /var/log and found nothing

Follow how crontab is configured


          • /usr/bin/php7.0 /var/www/html/magento2/bin/magento cron:run 2>&1 | grep -v "Ran jobs by schedule" >>> /var/www/html/magento2/var/log/magento.cron.log
          • /usr/bin/php7.0 /var/www/html/magento2/update/cron.php >> /var/www/html/magento2/var/log/update.cron.log
          • /usr/bin/php7.0 /var/www/html/magento2/bin/magento setup:cron:run >> /var/www/html/magento2/var/log/setup.cron.log


CPU Disk

  • yes, Magento use much ram while run cron. – kunj Aug 30 '18 at 6:33
  • The attached graphics correspond to CPU and Disk – guilhermetb Aug 30 '18 at 16:12

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