I am attempting to change the order of the checkout from Shipping Method -> Payment -> Review to Shipping Method -> Review -> Payment.

Problem Number 1: We are using the Aitoc Configurable Checkout. Therefore when I overrode app/code/local/Mage/Checkout/Block/Onepage/Abstract.php with the new order, it didn't work.

I then managed to track down the same sort of list in the plugin in app/code/local/Aitoc/Aitconfcheckout/Block/Rewrite/FrontCheckoutOnepage.php. I changed the order and I was able to see that the order on navigation has changed. partial_success

Problem Number 2: When I went through all the checkout processes it still redirected to the payment first. I managed to track down where this was happening: app/code/local/Aitoc/Aitconfcheckout/controllers/OnepageController.php. I was able to change what the next page would be but

Problem Number 3: If I try to go to the review page, it then redirects back to the cart page. I have traced the path through a number of function calls and files but I have hit a dead end. I can see that it returns from the function, but doesn't hit any of the code after that function call.


This is the call that I make, but does seem to return. I have placed markers in each of the sub functions that are called, but the trail has gone cold (as it was)

I am at a bit of a loss of where to go next. I don't think redoing the checkout is an option.

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