I am working on a wholesale website in Magento 2 and have noticed the front-end performance drops off massively when the mini-cart has to render too many items (over say, 20 different SKUs).

I'm sure I can figure out how to hide the cart myself if there are more than a certain number of items but I was wondering if there's an 'official' way to do this?

I found a method in Magento\Checkout\Block\Cart\Sidebar which seems to get a config value for this purpose:

 * Return max visible item count for minicart
 * @return int
private function getMiniCartMaxItemsCount()
    return (int)$this->_scopeConfig->getValue('checkout/sidebar/count', ScopeInterface::SCOPE_STORE);

However this doesn't seem to have the intended effect.

I've traced it through to vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/web/js/view/minicart.js where the value is assigned to the mini-cart in initSidebar() but it only seems to adjust the height (CSS) of the mini-cart?

This would obviously have no effect on the performance of the page...

Do I need to come up with my own add-on somewhere in the render chain instead?

  • In Magento by default it shows 10 products in mini cart so in your case all are coming in list? Commented Aug 29, 2018 at 11:09
  • @CharulTyagi Yes, it's showing the whole cart, could this be the theme interfering with the default behaviour?
    – James
    Commented Aug 29, 2018 at 13:00

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In the interest of completeness, I accomplished this for now by modifying Magento_Checkout/web/template/minicart/content.html in my theme and adding a Knockout if to check item count (not the total item quantity) and display a message if it exceeds the defined limit rather than rendering the items:

<!-- ko if: getCartParam('summary_count') -->
    <strong class="subtitle"><!-- ko i18n: 'Recently added item(s)' --><!-- /ko --></strong>
    <div data-action="scroll" class="minicart-items-wrapper">
        <!-- ko if: getCartParam('items').length < 16 -->
            <ol id="mini-cart" class="minicart-items" data-bind="foreach: { data: getCartParam('items'), as: 'item' }">
                <!-- ko foreach: $parent.getRegion($parent.getItemRenderer(item.product_type)) -->
                    <!-- ko template: {name: getTemplate(), data: item, afterRender: function() {$parents[1].initSidebar()}} --><!-- /ko -->
                <!-- /ko -->
        <!-- /ko -->
        <!-- ko if: getCartParam('items').length > 15 -->
            <p>Please use the link above to view your basket.</p>
        <!-- /ko -->
<!-- /ko -->

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