We are facing an issue on Social login in Magento 1.9 (facebook and google+)

I have checked customer is created is successfully but not able to set session of a customer.

enter image description here

The customer is also created

enter image description here

the Customer session is not generated and its redirect on the home page.

May be there is an issue with


I have resolved an issue after debugging

There is an issue with the dispatch event of "customer_login".

I have check with all custom module where the event is called and one by one I have comment code of event but my custom module does not break the functionality.

There is an issue with Magento Log module with "custom_login" event. I have commented code of dispatch event from core/Mage/Log/etc/config.xml.

now my social login is working fine.

but I am not able to know what is the issue with bindCustomerLogin function in /core/Mage/Log/Model/Visitor.php

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