I enable profiler SetEnv MAGE_PROFILER html in my conf file for magento 2.

Is there an easy way to profile Magento 2 API REST calls.

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I would recommend to check (even as a trial option) solutions like:

  • Blackfire.io
  • NewRelic
  • xdebug

Those tools will show you exact traces and timing of each separate PHP Trace that is involved within any operation/transaction (not limited to API calls)

For Database related bottlenecks - MySQL Slow Query Log can be enabled (*depends on MySQL Version used). This can be used without mentioned performance monitoring tools


What you could do to is add another strpos condition in app/bootstrap.php on rest/V1

if (
    (!empty($_SERVER['MAGE_PROFILER']) || file_exists(BP . '/var/profiler.flag'))
    && isset($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'])
    && (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'], 'text/html') !== false || strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'rest/V1') !== false)
) {

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