I add an admin grid using the below mentioned url. Now I add a multi-select field in the form by editing at App/Code/Webkul/Grid/Block/Adminhtml/Grid/AddRow.php file.It is visible fine. I use implode() function to convert the array into string and the value get stored at database as (1,3,5 ).But When I reopen the form by clicking on 'edit' option, form is loaded but in multiselect field only one value is selected. I need a help in this regard. Thank you.


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You need to edit the following file:


Add the below code

$alloptions = array(
                    array('label' => 'ABC1', 'value' => 'ABC1'),
                    array('label' => 'ABC2', 'value' => 'ABC2'),
                    array('label' => 'ABC3', 'value' => 'ABC3'),
                    array('label' => 'ABC4', 'value' => 'ABC4'),
                    array('label' => 'ABC5', 'value' => 'ABC5'),
                    array('label' => 'ABC6', 'value' => 'ABC6'),

        'label' => __('Service Name'),
        'title' => __('Service Name'),
        'name' => 'name',
        'values' => $alloptions

You can change the options and field name according to your requirement.

Also you need to change the below file:


Add the below line:

$data['name'] = implode(',',$data['name']);

Just after the line:

$rowData = $this->gridFactory->create();

Like below:

$rowData = $this->gridFactory->create();
$data['name'] = implode(',',$data['name']);
if (isset($data['id'])) {

Here I am using field name as "name". You need to create a field name called "name" in the table as well.

No need to change any other files.

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