I understand that using Update by schedule refers to the cron schedule for timing, when changing the Mode under Index Management. But I require some clarification.


In M1, you would set the schedule under:

System > Configuration > Advanced > Index Management.

enter image description here


In M2, I figure the below setting is comparable under:

Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System > Cron (Scheduled Tasks).

enter image description here


My objective is to have all Indexers that use Update by schedule, to run once per day at midnight.


From what I can tell from the default value of "1", the Indexer runs every minute.

If I wanted the Indexer to run everyday at midnight, would I set Generate Schedules Every to "0", "1440" or something else? And would the other values in the section need changing?

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After posting this question, I decided to carry out my own experiment. I set Generate Schedules Every to "1440" in the hopes that Magento would treat that as a Midnight value. However, it seems that Magento instead treats this value as "1440" minutes from the time that you set it (give or take a few minutes).

So it looks like you can't set it by time-of-day, but just minutes triggered from the time you save the configuration.

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