I am new to Magento 2 and, to begin with, I try to change the header from default Magento_Theme. But I am stuck here.

I followed the doc to create my own theme in app/design/frontend/<my_vendor>/<my_theme_name>.

This theme has Magento/blank as parent in theme.xml. This seems to work well as I can define website theme to <my_theme_name> in the admin panel.

Then, I tried to override the default Magento_Theme layout. I copied vendor/magento/module-theme/frontend/layout/default.xml into my theme folder under app/design/frontend/<my_vendor>/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml.

And to check if that worked, I tried to hide the Header, using the remove attribute as following : <referenceContainer name="header.container" remove="true">.

This remove doesn't work, whereas it works well when I put the same remove attribute into the default.xml file from the Magento_Theme folder...

The thing is I don't understand why my theme layout seems to not take the priority over the Magento_Theme layout. Could it be something about modules order in app/etc/config.php ?

I use php bin/magento cache:flush to clear my cache after each modification.

Update : After seeing this stack exchange issue I tried to put my custom layout under app/design/frontend/<my_vendor>/<my_theme_name>/Magento_Theme/layout/override/theme/Magento/blank/default.xml but that didn't work either.

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I have used this at custom theme (app/design/frontend/[custom_vendor]/[custom_theme]/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml ) and clear cache,And found that its working.

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