My actual requirement is to optimize Magento 2 website products on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I am looking for the best solution. Is Magento 2 handle SEO things independently? Magento 2 having the potential to provide this kind of SEO?

OR I need to use any third party extension for defeat my competitor in market?. If using an SEO extension is the best solution. Please suggest me best extensions with feature like canonical Url redirect, 301 redirects, meta tag for products and categories etc.


As far as I know, you’d still need to use a 3rd party extension to achieve decent SEO results. There are some few extensions worth checking out. I’m 100% sure Magento Marketplace is still featuring an SEO extension on their main page as one of the most popular extensions to consider. You could probably check it out as well. Good luck with SEO! I hope that was helpful.

~ Elena

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