I'm trying to take the exam for the Magento Certified Developer. I've done some researches and found this Exam Labs website, and here we can try a test exam.

I wonder if the answers provided to each question are realiable?

Because when I came to this question today,

Question No : 68 - In order to successfully register and configure a new entity capable of being saved and loaded from the database, you must create a model and which three of the following? (Choose three)

A. a collection class

B. configuration settings in your module's config.xml

C. an entry in Mage::$_registry

D. a record in the eav_entity table

E. a resource model

F. a table in the database that will store the entity s data

The answer website provided is B,E,F. I agree with B and E. but why F is correct? shouldn't it be D?


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