I would like to create a voting poll inside one of my pages. I've researched online and found a tutorial for Magento 1 and I was wondering if there was a similar way to achieve this in Magento 2.


Thanks in advance :)

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Polls and Product tags features have been removed from Magento CE 2.0 as said by @Marius;

There was a survey conducted at one point on twitter (and maybe other channels) By Elena Leonova asking the community if they use certain modules from Magento 1. After this survey, the decision was taken to not port the tags and polls modules to Magento 2 because there was not much use of them. But I'm almost sure someone from the community will implement them for Magento 2.

Reference - Product Tags feature is not included in Magento 2

You'll have to find a third party solution or develop a custom solution yourself

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