it is so weird and I used the template path hints and everything is reading from the default theme but one of the themes is working properly and one other is not


in related.phtml has 1 product for one of the themes and has more than 8 products in the other theme I tried to remove the themes or rename theme but I found that the problem is not from


problem is somewhere else I also checked the app/code/core/Enterprise/TargetRule/Block/Product/abstract.php I cannot find why it happens

update:we found that when added to cart it will be removed from results of related now how to solve this default filter of magento?


this worked for me although I changed my Targetrule folder not the one mentioned and now i can see the products even if they are in the cart but still i don't have all my products in related

any idea would be appreciated

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I have also face this problem a long time ago, I refine this problem by getting the product list based on storeID, Make the different store view and get the correct data listing everywhere. Some where have magento EAV Attribute model show this error get the product listing anyhow, Please go to store view solution may be this helps you.


I think your problem is similar to this one: Target rule upsells that I posted a long time ago. For me it was for upsells but it's the same logic for related.
It's because when saving a rule, all the relations are removed and recreated.
When retrieving the collection of related products this collection is cached (store view related) in a table to be retrieved from there. But if the indexer is set to 'real_time' (Update on save) the rule gets applied when saving a product but only for that product.
So in one store view your get the cached results, and in an other one you get the results for a single product.

@Carco implemented a fix for this that can be found here.
Give that a try. maybe it solves your issue.

  • Thank you, my version is 1.14 and unfortunately it didn't help and I went to the Caro answer step by step and in all of it I didn;t need to change it,it was already right and also I tried switching to manual no effect
    – Nickool
    Jun 17, 2014 at 15:44
  • I copy pasted his folders too, no effect unfortunately, but the index problem seems right to me too
    – Nickool
    Jun 17, 2014 at 15:53

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