I have created a webapi.xml in module vault:

<routes xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"

    <route url="/V1/vault/items" method="GET">
        <service class="Magento\Vault\Api\PaymentTokenManagementInterface" method="getListByCustomerId"/>
            <resource ref="self" />
            <parameter name="customerId" force="true">%customer_id%</parameter>


Give this type of error :-

this is a result:"message": "Internal Error. Details are available in Magento log file. Report ID: webapi-5b7c371e39aa0" }

in my log file i see this error: -

main.CRITICAL: Report ID: webapi-5b7c371e39aa0; Message: Class \Magento\Vault\Api\Data\PaymentTokenSearchResultsInterfa does not exist {"exception":"     
     [object] (Exception(code: -1): Report ID: webapi-5b7c371e39aa0; Message: Class      \\Magento\\Vault\\Api\\Data\\PaymentTokenSearchResultsInterfa does not exist at /<dir>/vendor/magento/framework/Webapi/ErrorProcessor.php:205, ReflectionException(code: -1): Class \\Magento\\Vault\\Api\\Data\\PaymentTokenSearchResultsInterfa does not exist at /<dir>/vendor/magento/framework/Reflection/MethodsMap.php:155)"} []

Can help me?

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Looks like there is an issue in Magento 2 core.

 * Lists payment tokens that match specified search criteria.
 * @param int $customerId Customer ID.
 * @return \Magento\Vault\Api\Data\PaymentTokenSearchResultsInterface Payment token search result interface.
 * @since 100.1.0
public function getListByCustomerId($customerId);

return value is \Magento\Vault\Api\Data\PaymentTokenSearchResultsInterface but actually it returns \Magento\Vault\Api\Data\PaymentTokenInterface[]. So set correct return type fix the issue.

Here you can check working sample https://github.com/troublediehard/mma-customapi


We needed to import tokens into the vault using the rest Api, so we knocked this module together: https://packagist.org/packages/zero1/vault-web-api hopefully it helps.

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