When not working with products, is there a magento2 model/function that can be used for reading/writing images to the media folder? (like addImageToMediaGallery / getMediaGalleryProcessor()->addImage used when working with products).

I've made a module that loads data from an api/json link into to a custom table where one column is an image URL. I wan't to save the image from the link to the local media folder.

I know I can do this with PHP (file_put_contents, fwrite, curl), but I'm thinking there must be a "Magento way" to do this?

I get the image url by $image = $this->myRepository->getImageUrl($data['image_url']);

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Solved it.

I just used Magento\Framework\Filesystem\Io\File; and $this->file->read($originalImageUrl, $newImage);

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