directory structure.

app / design / frontend / Kidzie / theme / Magento_Theme / layout /default_head_blocks.xml app / design / frontend / [vendor] / [theme] / web / css /custom.css

I need to load custom.css file at last of all css files. so my custom style should apply over default magento 2's css.

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<css src="css/custom.css" order="100"/> Gives me error that order is not a valid property.


Magento2 doesn't manage the CSS order, order="" property doesn't exists,

The available CSS attributes are:

  • defer
  • ie_condition
  • charset
  • hreflang
  • media
  • rel
  • rev
  • sizes
  • src
  • src_type
  • target
  • type

I have some workaround to put the css at the end of all. the trick is to add media="all".

<css src="css/custom.css" media="all" />

Please first study, this Load Custom CSS After style-l.css For Home Page article. Here Rajeev K Tomy explain the load sequence of CSS at Magento2.

As you want to call your css at last, So you have done some changes at


<css src="Magento_Theme::css/custom.css" media="all" />

It means to you have to change your css file location to

app / design / frontend / [vendor] / [theme] /Magento_Theme/ web / css /custom.css

Then you have to do cache flush and static content deploy.

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